Here is a small collection of the unsolicited testimonials from our customers.

I was amazed at how Nick just jumped right in, he took care of my issue in no time, and was really professional too! We called because my daughter tried to flush a toy, and it was not working. So Nick came right over and unclogged our bathroom in what seemed like moments. Not only did he come over right away, but he left us with the confidence that we have a plumber for life now. Thanks again Nick for everything.”

Tammy H.

Talking to my neighbor and he tells me about this plumber, at the time I did not need any work, but the very next week my shower backed up and it was BAD. Thanks to Nick for coming over in a flash. The guy showed faster than I thought he would, took care of the shower and talked to me for a short time about the rest of the house. Now I know who I am calling if I ever have a problem again. Nick is honest, fair and knows exactly what he is doing.”

Old Mike W.

So it was holiday time, Christmas is the time of year that our family loves the most. We had everything going on in the kitchen, and all of a sudden the garbage disposal goes out. With a big holiday, this was bad. We happen to run across Nick’s web site and after talking to him on the phone for a moment, we invited him over. He had the disposal fixed in about an hour or so, and we had a great holiday too. Thank you so much Nick, you provide a needed service, and we appreciate your help.”

Marsha L.

This guy comes over and he knew exactly what he was talking about, fixed my sink and was on his way, great work Nick, Thanks a ton for YOU.”

Larry E.